Is it Judeophobic to be an anti Zionist?

I have heard it said that if you have not been called an anti-Semite, then you have not been fighting for Palestine hard enough.

To someone who has never defended Palestine or criticised Israel in any serious capacity, this of course sounds like Palestinian activists are inherently anti-Semitic.

But to those who are involved in Palestinian solidarity you will know this is a tongue in cheek observation on how nearly all criticism of Israel is branded as anti-Semitic.

But this is actually a serious issue for 2 reasons.

  1. False claims detract from genuine anti-Semitic attacks.(Boy who cried wolf)
  2. Genuine activists are being silenced by false claims.


First lets see what ‘Anti-Semitism’ means.

The term Semitic people or Semitic cultures (from the biblicalShem“, Hebrew: שם‎) was a historical term for people or cultures who speak or spoke the Semitic languages

More specifically: Relating to/or denoting a family of languages that includes Hebrew, Arabic, and Aramaic and certain ancient languages such as Phoenician and Akkadian, constituting the main subgroup of the Afro-Asiatic family.

So we see straight away that Arabs are actually ‘Semitic’ too.
But argue with any pro Israeli and they will tell you that actually it has come to mean ‘Jew’. How did that happen? since when do one people have a right to exclude another people from historically accepted definitions, and from their ancestral heritage?
So with that in mind we see that you cannot be genuinely anti-Semitic and support the Palestinians.
What about anti-Jewish sentiments? Lets carry on this post with the assumption that this is what people are talking about.
This is not to be accepted at all.
There is no justification for targeting any Religion based on the actions of a few.
Not all Jews support Israel.

Would you suggest all Muslims support Daesh?

Also worth pointing out that the people living in Palestine in 1917 and even to this day, are descended from the original Jewish people.

For those that have not thought about this before:

2000 years ago it was Jewish, then  we saw the advent of Christianity, many people living in the holy lands converted to this new faith.Where do you think all those Christians suddenly came from? Brooklyn?

Anyway some years later we saw the birth of Islam and many of the Christians and Jews started to convert to that new religion.

This  left fewer people practicing Judaism in Palestine than before Christianity.

In the mean time, people living in central Asia/Eastern Europe started to convert to Judaism. These people had never lived in Palestine yet it is their descendants that now lay claim to the land and property owned by the decendants of the original Jewish people.

So who do oppose then if not Semites or Jews?

Up until recently it was simple, we opposed Zionists.  But now it seems that this is being equated with anti-Semitic by some people, not least from the ex tory MP and rocking horse brain donor recipient Louise Mensch, with hilarious results……


Some people were understandably confused……


This Tweeter questioned whether the founder of Zionism Theodor Herzl would be muted. After all, ‘A Zionist’ is what he would call himself.

She replied and in doing so proved that, like most people who defend Israel on a regular basis, she has no idea what she is talking about. The crap just pours out of their mouths in uncontrollable torrents.


But it’s not just the dumb asses of this world that are conflating Zionism with Semitism. Some allegedly intelligent people are at it too. Last week  The University of California adopted a policy which effectively links the too.


This was reported by many, I have chosen this piece. You can read the full article here:

But they have a point right? I mean not all Jews are Zionists, but surely all Zionists are Jews? So you are indirectly targeting Jews.

Erm, No actually.




Ahh bless them, someone needs to tell them they can’t be Zionists anymore. But let them down gently .

But seriously, this shows Zionism is a political, colonialistic ideology . It has nothing to do with religion.

And anyway, Who is going to tell this lot they are anti Jewish?








Out Of The Soup

If you are a Palestinian activist or organisation then you must read this.

Please look at what has been found and posted here and then draw your own conclusions.

You may have heard of the twitter account @InTheSoupAgain, then again you may have not.

For those who are not familiar with this account, I will briefly describe what they do.

They appear to be left wing anti facist but also support Israel.
Yeah I know.
Not sure about you but I find the two incondusive to each other.

‘Soupy’ takes great pleasure in contacting pro Palestinian organisations to warn them about the ‘Anti-Semites’ lurking in their midst.

This is of course a noble cause as Anti Jewish sentiments are not welcome in general, and certainly not welcome in any pro Palestinian organisation, nor is any form of discrimination or racism.

The trouble is that much of what Soupy deems to be Anti Semitic is actually genuine criticism of Israel.
Admittedly a small portion of what he finds is not acceptable and we must all acknowledge it exists.

Also Soupy will not inform you or engage with you in any way so you will have no right of reply and will be unaware of any accusations.
He will add you to his various blogs and accuse Palestinian organisations that you have contact with, of being involved with anti semites too.

Now if you wish to combat peoples ignorance, surely the best way is to educate them by explaining that not all Jewish people support Israel, and not all Israelis are Jewish.

But no, Soupy will target you and troll through many months of your tweet history to see what damming evidence of anti-semitism he can find.

So whats the problem?
Surely he is doing everyone a massive favour by rooting out these bigots and exposing them?

Well yes if thats what he was doing we would all be grateful.
But thats not what he is doing.

He is simply trying to smear a lot of decent people, even those that have now left this earth, simply because they criticise Israel.
He is also no doubt trying to spread discord amongst activists and groups.

If you have ever Re tweeted anyone who has ever Retweeted something that might be anti semitic,
You will end up on one of his blogs.

I mean who checks someones entire time line before Re tweeting them?
That would be ridiculous.

Or maybe you tweeted an article or quoted something that was not
anti-semitic, but was from someone who unbeknown to you, has been racist or anti-semitic at some point in the past.
You will end up in his blog.

So who is Soupy?

Well he has a thing for George Galloway.
Quite a lot of his time has, in the past, been used to stalk and troll Galloway.
As you can see from his twitter he has links to a couple of his blogs.
I am not going to promote his inane nonsense by posting links here as this is about WHO he is.
But please feel free to google it. 🙂

So we see from his avi that he has the hots for George.

But what else does he tweet about?
Oh…thats not nice. 😦

And whats this?
He Re tweeted this attack on Ali Abuminah
Yet we can see Ali says “Israel” in his tweet and not Jews as Rosenberg has suggested.

Suddenly Soupy is starting to look a little bit like an apologist for Israel.
Maybe I’m wrong.
Maybe if we knew who he was?
And why do I keep saying ‘He’?

I was given a piece of info a while back suggesting that Soupy worked at Kingston University in Surrey, England.

A quick web search bought up a couple of tweets.

And this one

The style and language of these tweets suggest that this Douglas guy is pretty wound up when writing those tweets.
So who is this Douglas Murray?

Oh I see, a top man at HJS.

So who works at Kingston Uni and has also pissed off Douglas Murray/ The HJS?

Well as you can imagine the chances of there being more than one person fitting both criteria is pretty slim.

But the is a match.
One person.

Ladies and Gentlemen may I present to you:
Marko Attila Hoare
Former high level member of Henry Jackson Society.
Though his actual importance to HJS is publicly disputed by Douglas Murray and HJS after Marko seperated from the organisation after falling out with them……whats that?… that reason Douglas threw his dummy out of the pram and tweeted Kingston Uni?

But that would be a bit over the top and frankly unprofessional….unless of course soupy had written one of his numerous blogs about Douglas Murray…


Ah Yes, that will be the blog right there then.

But it’s always best to have more information before deciding a mans guilt.


A professor from America contacted Kingston Uni to make a complaint that Marko had been harassing him and publicly making unfounded allegations that he was anti semitic.
Recognise the M.O?

But maybe we should keep looking right?
Cos maybe Marko is not an apologist for Israel.
Maybe he doesn’t even have an interest in Palestine/Israel or semitism.

So it would be a lot better if we had some sort of indication as too his views….

…oh hang on whats this?
So anti Americanism is a thing now???
What else does this Manifesto contain?
Hmm starting to sound a bit like soupy…
Notice they think Muslim terrorists are “More Heinous” than than any other terrorists
..equating opposition to Israel with anti semitism….that sounds like Soupy.
Hmm sound like friends of Blair too. 😦

Hmmm, I know lets look at who wrote this racist bigoted attack on free speech and see if Soupy is on there.
No. No soupy on there.
Not surprised.
It’s a pretty stupid name to be honest.
I mean, what is this fixation with liquefied food?
Anyway it is much better to use your real name for things like this…
Especially if you are a respected and learned historian.
I guess thats why it says Markos name on it.

So there you are.
Look at the evidence and decide for yourself.
I can see no other explanation for these links between Marko and Soupy.

Unlike Soupy I will give him a right of reply and will post it here.
If Marko can prove he is not Soupy then I will remove this article.

Thanks for reading.